Moola Flanagan

Whiteangel pilot extraordinare


An extremely successful merchant captain from one of Mokupoe’s more distant islands, Flanagan is known for his jovial and personable attitude, his peerless skill at a ship’s helm, and for using those two traits to become obscenely wealthy. Famous for his fantastic feats of oceanic derring-do, he has described himself as “the man who makes the impossible profitable”. Not without his detractors, someone once criticized Captain Flanagan for his massive fortune by accusing him of being made of money. He took the jab and made it his own, thereafter referring to himself as “Moola” Flanagan. The name stuck, and friends and enemies alike now use it regularly.

He was invited to join the Whiteangel’s crew as helmsman, bringing his almost preternatural talent for controlling ships to Mokupoe’s biggest and most famous project in generations. Undoubtedly he’ll find some way to make money from the experience.


Moola Flanagan

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