Spelljammer Custom

Session 4
Ye be pirates, yar!

The party headed to the Lanikaula docks to foil the schemes of the nefarious elvish saboteurs! They investigated the underside of Kaonakala and discovered the enemy group setting charges in the Lanikaula. Pouncing from above, they were able to defeat the team and commandeer their spelljamming vessel! It’s just a little dinghy, but hey, still way better than nothing. Discovering that they could sail through space with nearly the same ease as they could sail the seas, they gathered up their prisoners and set sail for the Whiteangel!

They approached the Whiteangel just in time to see the ship set sail for itself, pushing back from the dock and preparing to depart Kaonakala. Then it got suicide-rammed by another giant spelljamming ship. So that kinda sucked.

Session 3

Captain Mulue cast Charm Person on the party’s prisoner, who proceeded to interrogate him. After some banter, some digressions, and a bit of persuasion, they found out quite a bit! The prisoner, named Tanivel, was part of the Glorious Imperial Elven Clans (which Konani promptly dubbed the “Gleeks”), a spelljamming culture from beyond Mokupoe’s crystal sphere! Apparently they’re at war with spelljamming orcs, and possibly everyone else, as well. They attacked Kaonakala in the belief that it was an enemy outpost, not discovering their mistake until the mission was already in progress. He also let slip that Gleek spelljamming uses wooden ships and aether sails, rather than the Whiteangel’s metal construction and bound-elemental-powered aether engines. More immediately, he told the party that there was a sabotage team working on destroying Kaonakala’s connection to the Lanikaula, which would cut them off from Mokupoe below. There also seem to be other Gleek forces in the area not actually on Kaonakala.

With this information on hand, Captain Mulue decided to launch the Whiteangel as soon as they could broad the crew in order to avoid being caught off guard by another attack, while dispatching the party to deal with the second group of infiltrators at the Lanikaula.

Session 2
Continuing Investigations

The party and the B-team followed the trail of smoke to the Whiteangel docks, and found Nakale Palelule, the Whiteangel’s XO, directly crewmen and dockworkers in fighting the fire. After the party told her that they’d been attacked by a group of suspicious elves, she ordered the B-team to guard the area against any further sabotage attempts and assigned the party to found out anything they could about the attack. After investigating ground zero of the fire (as best they could with it still being on fire, anyway) they realized that some sort of incendiary device had been hidden inside a supply crate and detonated as the cargo was being loaded. They headed to the warehouse where the cargo was stored after being shipped up the Lanikaula from Kaonakala to see what they could find. What they found was one of those mysterious elves skulking around! They took him prisoner and dragged him back to Nakale, who suggested that they bring him to Captain Mulue Lami, who she believed would have spells prepared that could assist with interrogation. Scaling the side of the Whiteangel to avoid the still-burning docks, they made their way to the bridge, introducing themselves (and the prisoner) to the Captain and providing her with a status update.

Session 1
New Arrivals

The party arrived in Kaonakala via the Lanikaula, and were greated by Pakeliku Kolahaolu, who they promptly identified by his unflattering nickname “Roach” for his ability to survive virtually anything. He took them to the local tavern (the only tavern on Kaonakala, as a matter of fact) and introduced them to the B-Team, the Whiteangel’s other adventuring party. They noticed an odd group of elves, but before they could investigate, there was a mighty explosion! Pouring onto the streets with the rest of the tavern’s patrons to see what the hell was going on, they discovered that there was impressive column of smoke coming from the direction of the docks! The party then managed to notice the oddly behaving elves and intercept them before they attacked the confused crowd from behind.


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