Welcome to Spelljammer Custom!

This is a D&D 5e campaign by-and-for the #FortAwesome folks. You know who you are. It’s mostly an excuse to screw around with 5e as a system and make a ridiculous number of Gundam references, so try not to take it too seriously. You’ll have more fun that way. To make it a proper test of 5e, we’re running pretty much completely RAW, except for the actual Spelljammer mechanics, which are run on DM Fiat because the point is to have D&D IN SPAAAAACE, not Kerbal Space Program: the tabletop game.

Short version of the campaign premise: the party hails from Mokupoe, a civilization that only recently developed spelljamming technology. Selected as crewmembers for the first major spelljamming expedition to explore the surrounding space, they get to go adventuring IN SPAAAACE. Try not to cause any interstellar incidents.

Spelljammer Custom

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