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Welcome to Spelljammer Custom!

Here’s the wiki. More information will be added as necessary. For the moment it’s pretty bare-bones.

Rules and Rulings

House Rules: Deviations from RAW.

Setting Information

Spelljamming: A primer on spelljamming terms and concepts.

Mokupoe: Your homeland and its people!
Kaonakala: The city above the sky, forming the core of the Mokupoe spelljamming operation.
Lanikaula: The magical structure linking the Mokupoe homeland and the Kaonakala high above it.


Session 001: In which our heroes arrive on Kaonakala, meet some friends, and stab some enemies.
Session 002: In which our heroes arrive at the Whiteangel docks, meet some of the crew, and capture a saboteur.
Session 003: In which our heroes interrogate a prisoner and receive a new assignment.
Session 004: In which our heroes beat up some more elves and commandeer themselves a vessel.
Session 005: In which our heroes confirm the survival of the Whiteangel and meet the chief engineer.
Session 006: In which our heroes make Plans™ and decide to resupply on Kaonakala.
Session 007: In which our heroes scout Kaonakala and find themselves a marine company.
Session 008: In which our heroes find an enemy ship and decide to taunt it.

Miscellaneous Crap

Glossary: Definition of various terms that don’t fit elsewhere.

Main Page

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