Spelljammer Custom

Session 1
New Arrivals

The party arrived in Kaonakala via the Lanikaula, and were greated by Pakeliku Kolahaolu, who they promptly identified by his unflattering nickname “Roach” for his ability to survive virtually anything. He took them to the local tavern (the only tavern on Kaonakala, as a matter of fact) and introduced them to the B-Team, the Whiteangel’s other adventuring party. They noticed an odd group of elves, but before they could investigate, there was a mighty explosion! Pouring onto the streets with the rest of the tavern’s patrons to see what the hell was going on, they discovered that there was impressive column of smoke coming from the direction of the docks! The party then managed to notice the oddly behaving elves and intercept them before they attacked the confused crowd from behind.


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