Spelljammer Custom

Session 4

Ye be pirates, yar!

The party headed to the Lanikaula docks to foil the schemes of the nefarious elvish saboteurs! They investigated the underside of Kaonakala and discovered the enemy group setting charges in the Lanikaula. Pouncing from above, they were able to defeat the team and commandeer their spelljamming vessel! It’s just a little dinghy, but hey, still way better than nothing. Discovering that they could sail through space with nearly the same ease as they could sail the seas, they gathered up their prisoners and set sail for the Whiteangel!

They approached the Whiteangel just in time to see the ship set sail for itself, pushing back from the dock and preparing to depart Kaonakala. Then it got suicide-rammed by another giant spelljamming ship. So that kinda sucked.


NativeJovian NativeJovian

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