Spelljammer Custom

Session 3


Captain Mulue cast Charm Person on the party’s prisoner, who proceeded to interrogate him. After some banter, some digressions, and a bit of persuasion, they found out quite a bit! The prisoner, named Tanivel, was part of the Glorious Imperial Elven Clans (which Konani promptly dubbed the “Gleeks”), a spelljamming culture from beyond Mokupoe’s crystal sphere! Apparently they’re at war with spelljamming orcs, and possibly everyone else, as well. They attacked Kaonakala in the belief that it was an enemy outpost, not discovering their mistake until the mission was already in progress. He also let slip that Gleek spelljamming uses wooden ships and aether sails, rather than the Whiteangel’s metal construction and bound-elemental-powered aether engines. More immediately, he told the party that there was a sabotage team working on destroying Kaonakala’s connection to the Lanikaula, which would cut them off from Mokupoe below. There also seem to be other Gleek forces in the area not actually on Kaonakala.

With this information on hand, Captain Mulue decided to launch the Whiteangel as soon as they could broad the crew in order to avoid being caught off guard by another attack, while dispatching the party to deal with the second group of infiltrators at the Lanikaula.


NativeJovian NativeJovian

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