Spelljammer Custom

Session 2

Continuing Investigations

The party and the B-team followed the trail of smoke to the Whiteangel docks, and found Nakale Palelule, the Whiteangel’s XO, directly crewmen and dockworkers in fighting the fire. After the party told her that they’d been attacked by a group of suspicious elves, she ordered the B-team to guard the area against any further sabotage attempts and assigned the party to found out anything they could about the attack. After investigating ground zero of the fire (as best they could with it still being on fire, anyway) they realized that some sort of incendiary device had been hidden inside a supply crate and detonated as the cargo was being loaded. They headed to the warehouse where the cargo was stored after being shipped up the Lanikaula from Kaonakala to see what they could find. What they found was one of those mysterious elves skulking around! They took him prisoner and dragged him back to Nakale, who suggested that they bring him to Captain Mulue Lami, who she believed would have spells prepared that could assist with interrogation. Scaling the side of the Whiteangel to avoid the still-burning docks, they made their way to the bridge, introducing themselves (and the prisoner) to the Captain and providing her with a status update.


NativeJovian NativeJovian

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